Ellenhorn is a national leader in Integrated Dual Disorder Treatment (IDDT), a model endorsed by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) as the primary evidence-based best practice for treating the co-occurring issues of psychiatric events and addiction.

All too often, when co-occurring programs describe themselves as “evidence-based,” they are really referring to the kinds of treatments they use. Typically, these programs have long histories of treating addiction with an added-on psychiatric component. But real co-occurring work doesn’t separate the two issues of substance abuse and psychiatric disturbances. Both problems must be treated simultaneously, using an integrated approach. This means that co-occurring treatment is not about simply using the right technique. It requires a particular system of care, one that balances the two issues at once, and offers a multidisciplinary team in constant communication. IDDT is this kind of system.

IDDT teams provide high-intensity multidisciplinary outreach services that include substance abuse treatment, robust psychiatric care, and a focus on clients staying on track towards their educational, family or career goals. Finally, and this is key: IDDT doesn’t simply integrate treatments; it focuses on integrating the person of concern into the world that surrounds him or her. As the science shows, working closely with clients to create meaningful futures fosters real human connection, and a sense of purpose and hope -- profound medicine for both psychiatric and addiction recovery.