The admissions process at Ellenhorn is exceptionally thorough. We want to make sure the clients we admit to the program are a good fit for our unique model. Our admissions staff is comprised of licensed clinicians able to help you understand our program both from a clinical perspective as well as a logistical one. To begin the admissions process, we first speak to the person calling, whether that’s the referring clinician, family member, or the client. Once we have all the information, the admissions team speaks with recent treaters, and evaluates records from other programs or hospitals. Finally, we conduct an in-depth interview with the prospective client to fill in the gaps, which allows us to ultimately decide whether Ellenhorn might be a good fit. To make a referral to Ellenhorn, please call 1-800-515-9972. We typically respond to all calls within 24 hours. PROGRAM COSTS