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Dave studied film, history and journalism at the University of Massachusetts before changing careers and earning a master's degree from Lesley University in counseling. The use of mind-body practices to manage mental health issues in his own life inspired him to pursue this as a course of study and he integrates yoga, meditation and spirituality into his work with clients. Before coming to Ellenhorn, Dave worked at many dual diagnosis outpatient programs, as well as hospitals and medication-assisted treatment facilities. He places a high value on understanding where clients find meaning and purpose in the world, where they find comfort and joy, where they feel stuck and where they want to grow. Dave's style is highly relational and he combines authentic presence and empathic listening with existential and spiritual concepts. He ultimately sees his role as a helper for those seeking psychosocial stability, meaning and connection and encourages clients to take advantage of their clinical team, as well as the various therapy groups and social activities offered by Ellenhorn to meet those needs in an individualized way. While at Lesley, Dave was the first president of the Student Association of the Graduate School of Arts and Social Sciences and continues to pursue activities in social justice.

There are literally millions of articles on the web about yoga and its benefits. These include increased well-being and self-esteem, improved physical …

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